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One thing you can't recycle is wasted energy...

LITE, by amigodata, is an energy management solution that helps data centers eliminate wasted energy. It's a 100% device agnostic-application that's easy to use, installs with zero disruption to workloads and will reduce current energy consumption by 50% or more.  

A Solution for the

Cloud and On-premises  

LITE's, a game-changer for data centers.


It's a carbon negative tool that reduces energy usage by 50%.


Energy Management  

Every watt you use counts period. It's that simple 

and adjusts, easily. Our metric not greenwashed, 

and reductions in power are 50% or more.

Flexible Design  

that Scales to Size 

A majority of business decisions are data driven. Prioritizing the most relevant data is were LITE, excels. 


Service and Support

Our Support and service

model adjusts for every client so their needs are met. Each offer is customized to meet your need. 

"Being Green to Earn Green"

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By The Numbers

It's time to rethink how we manage and store our information. 


Approx. number

of global data centers


Percentage of global

power supply used


Power used in

2019 based on PUE 

Statista est. 40+ ZB

stored through 2019


Date for expected Carbon Neutrality

40ZB + 

Are you ready to improve your efficiency?

 We help you save energy and money 

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