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Services and Support

Energy Efficiency resources on demand  


We ensure that your Data Center (DC) runs with maximum efficiency and at optimal performance levels. Unlock value with LITESupport from amigodata, is included with all LITE, installations. The solution has an embedded virtual team and remote support feature as well for pandemic social distancing standards. Our service and support team is your partner in helping make your organizations transformation towards Carbon Neutrality easy.


       We help you achieve exceptional outcomes quickly.


With Essential Business Services from amigodata customers are always covered. Our services and support framework offers customers a level of flexibility receiving what they desire. Help your business and take steps to combat climate change with amigodata. LITE, is intelligent, next-generation energy management software. It's innovative and hyper-personalized to each 

customer to address their unique needs. With respect to our customers we offer our support 

services making them unique for each location, and do this with a dedicated team.

We put our customers first. We offer enterprise-wide support 24/7/365. Whenever you need it, regardless of where your site is located, we have you covered. Our team is an extension of yours.Our support team keep your data center running and ensure that your customer files are accessible and secure

Our service model is recognized as one of the most flexible within the emerging energy management space. We have taken a customer centric approach and we tailor each offer to meet your exact needs.

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