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Frequently Asked Questions 

1. Who is amigodata? 


amigodata is a software company that develops energy management solutions for data centers.


2. Why do data centers need energy management ?

Energy management is the means controlling and reducing a building's energy consumption, which enables owners and operators to Reduce costs – In a data center energy represents 30% - 55%of all operating costs and the average cost is 40%.

3. What is LITE


A SaaS solution used by data centers with the primary objective of reducing energy consumed by devices.  LITE is proven to achieve total reductions in consumption by data centers of 50% or more.


4. What is 30+1?


30+1 is the strategy developed by amigodata as a part of our energy efficiency model for data centers. After 30 days if a file is unopened its moved to cold storage. The likelihood that the file is mission-critical or relevant is less than 2%.  The strategy involves moving, placing, and recalling files.  


5. What are the benefits of  LITE? 

Increased storage capacity, improved allocation of technical resources, Reduced server bottlenecks, elimination of legacy machines, reduction in the number of active machines/devices by 60%, Better performance, carbon-friendly, Lower operating costs, 


6. How is LITE implemented? 

LITE, is deployed as a SaaS solution with zero disruption to workloads, and is installed in 3 phases:


Phase 01: Testing & Discovery, establish current usage benchmark. 

Phase 02: Remote Installation, removal of legacy devices, and 30+1 is activated.

Phase 03: IoT cooling module is unlocked and deployed, new usage benchmark is established.


7. How long does it take to implement? 

The amount of time allocated to each phase is 30 - 60 days. On average each Phase is 45 days. 

8. How is my energy consumption lowered? 


Simply put, we reallocate where files are stored, improve the allocation of technical resources to workloads that need more power, and reduce the number of total devices with the removal of legacy machines.

9. How do I know if my company is eligible for any potential cash rebate? 

Once LITE, is deployed and a new usage baseline is established, we have a 3rd party energy auditor validate your reduced usage which will qualify your organization for a cash rebate that covers a portion up to 100% of the cost for all hardware and software used as a part of your transformational energy management plan. 

10. What is the Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE)?

The PUE is calculation used to determine how efficient a data center is. The PUE = only includes 1/3 of the data center’s consumption for its calculation. Then PUE can be a confusing metric and difficult to use. 


amigodata measures usage by looking at the total kWh divided total Terabytes of storage to determine how efficient a data center is. Each data center is unique, given they are different the practical approach is to determine the amount of energy needed for available storage.

We are not advocating to replace the PUE. Our approach is the best way to determine energy usage and determine the best way to reduce data center energy consumption. The PUE is currently the only metric that’s widely accepted to determine data center efficiency.

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