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Three years ago, a few months after our two founders had sold their last company, they were contemplating what they should do next. They sat through a number of bad presentations and none of which was the next big thing.  In the middle of the last pitch scheduled, Seth interrupted the presenter after ten minutes and thanked them for sharing the idea but in the sake of not wasting time he was not interested. The presenter of course asked why? Michael, jumped in and replied your idea is poorly thought starting with the company name. Seth, followed up with, "you would be better off calling the company amigodata." After they left this meeting, Michael, looked at Seth and smirked, and said "now that we have a name what next?" Seth replied, let's build something that fixes a problem we are familiar with.


They both decided that the objective would be to design a solution that would reduce the amount of energy data centers use. The driver behind this idea was, their prior company a cloud storage company called FloatCLOUD. The company which was acquired, used an enormous amount of energy. They had an answer to this problem and they seized the opportunity to develop a complete solution that reduced a data centers total consumption by 50% or more. 


The SaaS product they built is called LITE. The solution works with any size data center, is 100% agnostic to server and storage hardware requires less power, and makes organizing any type of file regardless of format and size an easy task.  



Seth Wiener,

Founder CEO

  • 3 Exits as an Entrepreneur

  • Experienced Technologist and Ex Investment Banker (Morgan Stanley)

  • Current Board Member The Jonathan Foundation, BitMinutes, Remco & amigodata Inc.


Michael Gonzalez, Founder, COO

  • 2 Exits as an Entrepreneur

  • Operations Expert in Budgeting,Energy Efficiency, Project Management.

  • Consultant Focused on Startup to Mid-Size Opportunities & Venture Capital.


We Combat Climate Change By Helping Data Centers Reduce The Amount Of Energy They use By No Less Than 50%.

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