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We make relationships with great companies a priority. Helping customers maximize the performance of your devices and increasing the availability of  technical resources is our speciality.  LITE, was developed as a SaaS tool which includes a partner revenue share component. We make integrating efficiency into data centers easy. Regardless of  the facilities uptime standard (LEVEL l, ll, lll lV), LITE, works with all uptime levels and with any file size or type.


 Some added benefits for our partners:

  • We make it easier for you to sell new devices.

  •  LITE, has a fantastic  partner revenue plan  

  • We got your back! amigodata provides 24/7/365 customer support for LITE.

  • Customers receive ann efficiency solution that reduces their energy need by 50% or more

  • LITE, exceed stated objectives  of reaching  Net Zero Greenhouse Gas Emissions By 2030

A sampling of companies with products we work with 

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