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Phase 0

LITE was developed from an energy efficiency model created by amigodata specifically for Data Centers (DC’s). We built this product to work in any environment agnostic to all manufacturers.

Phase 2A –

The first step in Phase 2 is downloading for remote installation. Our remote access allows us to communicate with your IT team in real time no matter the location. The second step in Phase 2 is called the 30+1 Data Management Strategy.

• Any file that is not opened for 30 days or longer is moved to cold storage after day 31.

• Next is using the IT roadmap to remove any antiquated equipment.

• We use cold storage devices since they draw no power and keep the data immutable.

• Devices that are powered down are not recognized and this is where the 30+1 strategy happens, which is the native language rules-based data governance policy.

• Designed agnostically to work well in any business rules engine effortlessly.

• For DC’s not using a rules software we recommend you choose an open-source version from and try

• At this point in the process we use the IT roadmap to remove any antiquated equipment.

• The tool now begins using the data management rules to improve data placement, recall and response time.

30+1 Explained: 


When a file has not been accessed in 30 days on the 31st it is moved to a " cold-storage" device ( a device that's been powered down). The strategy then use rules to make the network believe that our powered down device is still on. The next part uses more  rule to assign a new active file directory for the powered down device making files easy to find and retrieve when needed.  

Phase 2A, Activities

• Using business rules, we make the network believe that the powered down device is still on.

• Our Business rules engine will then provide the operating system network specific commands for locating, identifying, and retrieving information from a cold storage device.

• The solution was developed to use device backup snap shots for devices in place of a traditional file directory.

• The solution is installed in real time with zero disruption.

• We monitor the energy savings using any third-party device/rack/row remote monitoring solution.

Phase 2B – Part 1, Server Resource Allocation;

• Deploy our proprietary resource allocation. We start by removing 2/3’s of the current servers in the network. Then resources are pushed toward the workloads requiring them most, by pulling resources from workloads that do not require them. This automatically provides for no less than 40% energy savings in the compute resources of the network.

• Move data in accordance with any rules or regulations and unique enterprise polices for stored information. amigodata rules are customized for each enterprise, inserted in native language and modified in real time. “With Zero down time to install”.


Phase 2B, Part 2 – New Usage Baseline Established

• After devices have been reduced and LITE is up running a new baseline measurement is taken.

• The new measurement is done at the device/row/rack level.

• Using amigodata’s total watts consumed by total terabytes in use calculation.

• The newly established baseline, is adjusted and recalibrated annually to account for data growth.

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