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“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication” Leonardo DaVinci

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The right way to measure efficiency 

Our Energy Efficiency model was developed specifically for data centers to reduce consumption. The Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) measurement is the current industry standard used for determine if the data center is efficient. The PUE was not developed to help data centers become efficient. The metric only includes 1/3 of the devices in the calculation. True efficiency can not be achieved unless you look at the entire picture. amigodata's model solves this issue. Our model include 100% of the energy consumed at each data center location. We use practical variables that account for additional data added, location, size, uptime level etc.. The variables we rely on address each locations unique attributes. Each location is like a fingerprint no two are identical..

Our approach for establishing baseline usage is Straight forward. We remove the confusion and mystery by including everything that uses power. The math we use is simple :


Total Watts Consumed (kWh) / Total Terabytes

Total Watts Consumed / Total Terabytes

accurate and easy to use 

How many Watts you use, divided by your total Storage Capacity. This considers all energy used within the data center includes all of the equipment that requires energy. This provides an easy to determine baseline usage which helps realize gains in efficiency easier to achieve.  


  • All storage devices are counted.

  • All servers and other IT systems backup power supplies are counted.

  • All HVAC systems exhaust fans, and all cooling equipment are count

Simplicity at its best...

A practical approach for solving measurement problems  

The metric is easy for anyone to decipher. The higher the number that’s created by the DC, the more it pollutes. When the number is reduced, Savings as a Percentage of your overall business is easy to recognize.

How this Works

We uses site specific variables in the measurement to ensure for accuracy.  We uses  device/rack/row and facility elements . We use the device/rack & row measurements to help us know where to focus our services and we use the following assumptions to determine how much power is being consumed by each of the main three segments of a data center:


Network Cooling = 40%

Data Storage = 30% 

Servers and other IT = 30%

We integrate effortlessly into any data center ecosystem...

We don’t control what standard the industry will use, but we will provide an unquestionable true standardized measurement of exactly how much energy we are saving, Down to the Watt. This measurement leaves no room for opinions, complicated math or Greenwashing the answer. 

The most effective way to measure energy used by a data center is to divide

Total kWh / Total TB used for storage. Saved data is the root cause of the problem.

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