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Transformational Energy Management 

amigodata practices Transformational energy management. It's an approach to safeguard data and the system design plan of your entire business. Our strategy helps to minimize downtime ensuring you meet uptime standards. LITE's, an efficiency model and rules strategy designed for this task. The solution enables operations, maintenance and support of your data transformation based on our deliverables.  Energy management tools like LITE, help your operations team achieve Continuous efficiency Improvements. How efficient your data center becomes begins with following the four steps listed below. They can help keep you ahead of the curve and make reaching new efficiency benchmarks easier.

1. Envision: the organization’s energy policy transformation with special focus on IT and operational capabilities.

2. Engage: defines to-be energy reducing activities for the data center. This step defines the applications, data strategy and technology architecture. Sets up a energy reduction transformation roadmap.

3. Transform: deploys new software based solutions for your operation and implement new data management and governance policies.

4. Optimize: improves your operation and services and manages the lifecycle of devices and tunes rules and models used in both cluster environment and on premise DC’s.

The biggest energy efficiency challenge for data centers is the removal of legacy system.

Despite the potential for significant boost in efficiency and reliability, many countries operate well below their overall digital potential. For example, even though the U.S. is achieving just 18% of its digital potential, it’s ahead of Europe’s average of 12 % the reason for this lag is largely a matter of legacy systems and complexity. A survey of chief information officers identified “complex legacy technology” as the primary barrier to digital transformation  Another survey of business and IT professionals echoes this sentiment. A majority of the IT professionals report “increasing complexity of their technology ecosystem” and low confidence in resolving digital performance problems.


By adding more equipment to your network the level of complexity

increases and eliminating problems becomes impossible.  Unk U

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