An Energy Efficiency Solution for  Data Centers





LITE is an on-demand SaaS based energy management solution for data centers. The solution streamlines both storage and technical resources allocation and pushes resources to the workloads that need it.

LITE's an efficient SaaS tool that improves your technical resource allocation by 40% using 1/3 of the total devices. The solution includes a file placement and relocation strategy called 30+1. It's a sophisticated data model that free's up as much as 80% of your storage space. It was designed with flexibility and works with any file regardless of size or type.


Your data is never more than one-click away.

LITE'S Installation Phase's

Each phase takes 30-60 days to complete. The process is proven and easy to install with zero disruptions. The greatest asset to a business are  their customers. LITE's, improves performance and protects data which helps increase customer satisfaction. Once installed the solution ihelps minimize downtime and outages with an improvement in technical resource allocation.  


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After completing the 3rd Phase a new usage baseline is established. Average reductions are no less than 50%.

Managing data

is made  easy with